Fun Easy Camera Craft For Kids

Camera Craft for Kids!

We love the idea of creating our own camera. A Fun Easy Camera Craft for Kids!! Kids love playing with phones, especially my phone to take a pretend photo. To make the camera crafts for kids, can be crafted by children using recyclable materials in the home. I have used affiliate links in the post if you need help knowing where you can get them from.

This Craft is really down our street with the Witches. I have bought a NEW Camera instead of using my phone, the camera takes photos in 4K, which is great because of the photos I take to take pictures for the blog. Check it out UK/US.I love how close I can get to take clear bright photos.

My Witches love playing and getting a toy that looks like a camera, and asking the other Witch to smile!! The Witches really enjoyed making the monsters and scaring people. These crafts are really good for pretend play. Especially the shop’s that the Witches created. An easy craft using a juice carton.

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Camer Craft | Fun Kids DIY

How did the Witches make the camera craft?

The Witches were really happy to make these. This is a really easy craft for kids. Kids can choose a colour for the camera, they can decide what goes onto the camera. This craft can be their own personal touch to the camera, like we have with our phones!! Haha!!

Materials Needed for this Camera Craft:

  • empty box (small)
  • loo roll
  • shampoo lid
  • PVA glue UK/US
  • bottle cap
  • paint (acrylic works best) UK/US
  • stickers UK/US
  • scissors UK/US


Start by painting your box:

Now you need to draw a circle in the middle of the box. Use the loo roll for this. Cut this out:



nsert the loo roll fully into the hole you cut out. Draw a line to where you want the loo roll to be cut. The loo roll is the bit where the kids look through:

Draw a circle inside the loo roll. Cut this, not to the full circle. On the other side of the box, draw around your shampoo lid. Only cut the loo roll to the size of the shampoo lid:

Glue the loo roll into place:

Glue the bottom of the shampoo lid and pop this onto the camera:


Next, glue the bottle cap:


The bottle cap can be placed as the shutter button:

The Witches got some stickers for Easter:

The Witches loved sticking these over the camera that they had created:

Camera Craft Finished!!!

Camera Craft  

Camera Craft

The Witches loved creating the camera’s. They could not wait to start using them. Say Cheese!!!

Camera Craft

Camera Craft

Come on guys, we would love to see how your camera’s turn out. Please email: and we will share your crafts on our website.

Camera Craft

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  1. I love everything about all of this! LOL I can’t wait until my little twinsie witches (14 months) can start doing these fun activities! I need to get brave and let them do some toddler crafts now, too!

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