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Car Colouring Model Making

Little Witches homework!

At Nursery the Witch got some homework to do. This was a Car Colouring Model Making of a car which was done at Nursery. I love the idea for the little ones to get homework. The little things the Witch brings home are amazing. The adorable daffodils that she drew are beautiful and very colourful. Another picture she brought home was a pirate ship. The pirate ship was created using coloured shapes. This is a great way for children to learn shapes. This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

The Witches love learning shapes, and they are so many to learn!!!

Car Colouring Model Making

The Witch was vey excited to be getting homework!! She could not wait to get colouring her picture. She used felt tip pens to colour it in:

car colouring model making
I loved watching her colour the picture in. The little Witch was very careful colouring detailed parts of the car. She used lots of different coloured felt-tips. She had finished colouring her picture, and wrote her name.

Well done little Witch, Mummy is very proud of her 3 year old daughter:

car colouring model makingCar Model

The Little Witch brought home her model of a car that she had made at Nursery. I love the idea of the wheels used and the heart decoration.

Thanks little Witch, FAB MODEL!!

car colouring model making

car colouring model making

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The Witches love creating at school and at home. We have put together a round up of our loo roll crafts that little ones can do easily!!

The Witches best and funny craft was making glasses. These are a fun craft and kids can create them how they like!





Next up!! The butterfly craft. The Witches loved painting them in the colour they wanted. The best bit for them was decorating them with tons of glitter. A FAB craft and children will love this!!!




Aww the Bunny’s that the Witches made were so easy to do. You can create so many crafts with loo rolls. The Witches loved the bunny craft very much, choosing a different colour for them. Kids will love making them!!




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