Dinosaur waiting for the bus

The Witch has drawn a Dinosaur waiting for the Bus! A short and sweet post of the little Witch bringing home her picture, that she has done at Nursery. The topic at school is about travel and transport. She has …[Read More]

Car Colouring Model Making
card craft

Car Colouring | Model Making

Little Witches homework! At Nursery the Witch got some homework to do. This was a Car Colouring Model Making of a car which was done at Nursery. I love the idea for the little ones to get homework. The little things the …[Read More]

Easter Baskets Easy Kids Craft
bunny craft

Easter Baskets | Easy Kids Craft

Bunny Basket for Easter!! The witches were very eager to make Easter baskets after making Little Chicks.  We had the idea of making Easter Baskets Easy Kids Craft, cute little baskets with Bunny’s. A great craft using a paper plate. This craft is …[Read More]


Gruffalo Bookmark | How To

Gruffalo Bookmark! We have created a Gruffalo Bookmark How To, a great character for children to have in their books!! At Nursery this term, the Witch has had the chance to learn about the Gruffalo. She really enjoys the book, …[Read More]

Best Careful Colouring For A Two Year Old

Best Careful Colouring For A Two Year Old

Colouring at a Young Age! Early morning and the Witches decided to do a bit of careful colouring at the age of Two!! Best Careful Colouring For A Two Year Old. I can sit for ages watching the Witches colour or draw. I …[Read More]

Colourful Chalking

Colourful Chalking Picture

Colourful Chalking!! My little Witch loves colouring and drawing. We do not normally chalk at home as its one thing I have not thought of buying for the children. My little Witch Brough home a Colourful Chalking House Picture!! Chalks …[Read More]