Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft

Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Halloween Craft The Witches have made a Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft for Halloween. This craft is really easy for toddlers and preschool children. Check out the  36 Crafts of Halloween for toddlers and preschool children, these crafts are really easy too, …[Read More]

Dinosaur Craft For Kids
dinosaur craft

Dinosaur Craft For Kids & FREE Printable

Dinosaur Craft!! The Witches love dinosaurs, a dinosaur craft for kids, and a craft for girls and boys. They love reading books about dinosaurs and playing with dinosaur toys. Dressing and acting like a dinosaur is fun for the Witches …[Read More]

Paper Plate Snakes

Paper Plate Snakes – Easy Kids Craft

Easy Craft For Kids!! Again we love our paper plate crafts, to make a paper plate snakes. Easy to use for toddlers to paint and create a great craft from it. The Witches have made a few crafts using paper …[Read More]

Glittery Butterfly | Easy Kids Craft
butterfly craft

Glittery Butterfly | Easy Craft DIY

Glittery Butterfly! The Witches have been busy again!! They have created a Glittery Butterfly!! They love Butterflies and wanted to create something Glitzy!! A really easy Craft for Kids to do. The Witches loved creating bunny’s, they still keep making …[Read More]

Monster Craft | Easy Kids DIY
how to

Monster Craft Easy Kids DIY

Monster Craft Easy Kids DIY!! The Witches have created a Monster Craft Easy Kids Diy. . An easy craft for children to do. The Witches enjoyed the  chicken craft  using paper plates. This craft was an easy craft that kids will …[Read More]

Chicken Paper Plate Craft | Video
chick craft

Chicken Paper Plate Craft | Video

Chicken Paper Plate Craft Video! The witches have done a video showing you how to make these chickens. The chicken paper plate craft video is really easy to follow. The Witches are in the video making the chickens. They are a quick and easy …[Read More]

Paper Plate Chickens Easy Kids Craft

Paper Plate Chickens | Easy Kids Craft

Colourful Chickens!! Look at these colourful chickens. You can make these at any time!! We are going to show you How To Make Paper Plate chickens Easy Kids Craft. The witches have created quite a few chicks, and guess what? …[Read More]