Pirate Ship Craft Coloured Shapes
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Pirate Ship Craft | Coloured Shapes

Pirate & Fairy learning at Nursery this term!! Pirate Ship Craft Coloured Shapes – Love picking the little Witch up from Nursery and love asking her what she has been up to. The little Witch passes me a picture over that she has done …[Read More]

Learning Shapes
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Learning Shapes | Fun Way

The little Witches learning Shapes!! The Witches were struggling a little with learning shapes! We wanted to be learning shapes a fun way!!  They were getting the shapes mixed up, not saying what shape it was and saying a random …[Read More]

Colourful Chalking

Colourful Chalking Picture

Colourful Chalking!! My little Witch loves colouring and drawing. We do not normally chalk at home as its one thing I have not thought of buying for the children. My little Witch Brough home a Colourful Chalking House Picture!! Chalks …[Read More]