Easter Bunny | Easy Loo Roll Craft
bunny craft

Easter Bunny | Easy TP Roll Craft

Cute Little Bunny!! You can use the things around your house to make these. The Witches loved creating a rocket with loo rolls, an easy craft to see how tall you can make the rocket using recycled materials. The Witch made …[Read More]

Witch Craft
egg carton craft

Witch Craft For Halloween

Halloween Craft The Witches nagged me to make a witch craft for halloween, not thinking of any ideas on how to make one. Looking at the book; Room On The Broom (UK|US)for ideas, the witches love to read the book. …[Read More]

fairytale crafts

Little Red Riding Hood Craft – TP Roll Fairy Tales

Little Red Riding Hood Craft! My little Witches love the story Little Red Riding Hood. We have created a little red riding hood craft using tp rolls. The Witches really enjoyed creating The Three Little Pigs with tp rolls you …[Read More]

Pirate Craft
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Pirate Craft – Easy TP Roll Craft For Kids

Ahoy!! The Witches have been a little busy making a Boy Pirate Craft. This is a really easy craft for kids using a loo roll. We love loo roll crafts which you probably already know.  Our favourite all time loo …[Read More]

Jack and The Bean Stalk | Nursery Craft
fairytale crafts

Jack and the Bean Stalk | Nursery Craft

Creative Craft at Nursery – Bean Stalk. What has the Witch been up to at Nursery? The Witch has been busy creating a Bean Stalk for Jack to climb up. What a great idea for kids to do. A Creative …[Read More]

Glittery Butterfly | Easy Kids Craft
butterfly craft

Glittery Butterfly | Easy Craft DIY

Glittery Butterfly! The Witches have been busy again!! They have created a Glittery Butterfly!! They love Butterflies and wanted to create something Glitzy!! A really easy Craft for Kids to do. The Witches loved creating bunny’s, they still keep making …[Read More]

camera craft

Fun Easy Camera Craft For Kids

Camera Craft for Kids! We love the idea of creating our own camera. A Fun Easy Camera Craft for Kids!! Kids love playing with phones, especially my phone to take a pretend photo. To make the camera crafts for kids, can …[Read More]

recycled rocket
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Recycled Rocket | Quick Easy Cheap Craft!

Rocket Craft!! The Witches have created a Recycled Rocket – quick and easy cheap craft!! My little witches were looking in the recycle boxes that we have. We store all our recycled materials like toothpaste boxes, plastic lids, yoghurt pots etc…. Having …[Read More]