Colourful Chalking Picture

Colourful Chalking

Colourful Chalking!!

My little Witch loves colouring and drawing. We do not normally chalk at home as its one thing I have not thought of buying for the children. My little Witch Brough home a Colourful Chalking House Picture!!

Chalks are quite messy!! I had a covering of chalk dust all over me!!

It was really funny and I loved my new look!!

The Witch has drawn a colourful house using shapes. I love the idea with the shape creation, like the pirate ship she did. They can learn the shapes while busy colouring a picture. Creating pictures with shapes is a great way for children to learn. This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

What has the Witch chalked?

Mummy and Daddy are in the trees. My 3 year old has an interesting imagination. Well Done to the little Witch, Mummy and Daddy are proud of you. We are looking forward to the next drawing she does.

I may have to purchase some chalks for the little Witches and myself to do something creative craft.

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Take a peep at this one:

Meeting Gruffalo in the woods

colourful chalking

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  1. She shows a lot of promise: great use of colors and she exercised great care in drawing the walls of the house. You might have a new Mary Cassatt on your hands. 🙂

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