Colourful Drawing | Daffodils

Colourful Drawing Daffodils

Using Felt Tip Pens!!

The Witches love using felt tips for drawing or for colourful drawing daffodils. They have a box full of felt tips and I am constantly telling them to put the lids back on. keeping spare paper or colouring pages for them at reach so they can get to them at any time. I can sit for hours watching them colouring pictures in!! This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

Colourful Drawing Daffodils

My little Witch Aged 3 brought home a beautiful picture that she had drawn. Using different coloured felt tip pens she has drawn daffodils and a sky. Don’t you think its great the imagination children have when they start drawing.

I was amazed by her drawing and thought it was so lovely to share with our readers!!

 Colourful Drawing Daffodils
Do you like the little Witches drawing of Daffodils, age 3? Please give us your lovely feedback!!

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