Craft Stick Scary Monsters

Craft Stick Scary Monsters

Monster Craft!!

The Witches love making Monsters. They wanted to make Craft Stick Scary Monsters which are really easy for children to make. This craft can be crafted in one go, which kids will enjoy!! Children can learn while making them. They can learn the colour that they are using, they can count the eyes and the teeth too. This craft is similar to the Monster Craft we did with a paper plate, which is an easy craft too.

A fun craft for girls is a Mermaid Craft, if they don’t want to create monsters. Or they may like the Little Red Riding Hood Craft, fun craft like the story and children will love it at story time.

Crafts can be easily done with the materials you can find in the home that you recycle. I will be using affiliate links to show where you can purchase things incase you don’t have them in the home. Why not sign up to our FREE CRAFTY NEWSLETTER and get FREE crafts sent to your email for crafts to do to keep kids busy!! You can also download a FREE PDF of 100 Zoo Animal Crafts, to do at your own pace.

Materials needed to make the Craft Stick Scary Monsters

You will also need glue sticks or a brush!

Lets get started!

Children can start by glueing the craft sticks together. We laid the sticks on newspaper as this part can get quite messy. The newspaper will stick to the back of the craft sticks, this can be quite difficult to remove without disturbing the craft sticks.

  • Challenge your child by asking them if their know the colour of the craft sticks!!
  • Get them to count the craft sticks too!!

Cut out a oval shape with the black card.

  • Ask your child if their know the shape!

Children can glue the oval mouth onto the craft stick. The craft sticks will be very sticky with glue, this is good for extra stick when glueing the mouth on!!

Cut out a few little triangles using the white paper.

  • Ask children if their know the shape and colour.
  • Get children to count the triangles!!

Children can glue the triangles on around the black oval mouth.

The best part which the Witches love, adding the eyes. Use a variety of different sized eyes to make the monster look scary.

  • Children can count the eyes.
  • Ask your child if their know the shape of the eyes.

Children can glue or use self adhesive wiggly eyes. Scatter them above the mouth.

Finished Craft Stick Scary Monsters!

Craft Stick Scary Monsters

Craft Stick Scary Monsters

The Witches loved making the Craft Stick Scary Monsters. Its great that the Witches can keep on counting the eyes that are glued on. This is a fun and easy craft for children to do and make.

Remember you don’t have to copy the way we have done our craft, your child can make it their own!! Children young as 2 can also have ago at this craft.

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Craft Stick Scary Monsters







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