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Craft Ideas For Teachers

Crafts for Teachers!!

Is it that time of year again where we have to say goodbye to the kids favourite teacher. The school year comes round so quick we are running around thinking of ideas for the teacher. I know the feeling, I have 3 in school and my head is thinking of what to buy those teachers that have teached our children. Guess what guys, I have a solution to this – Crafts for Teachers!!. Yeah this is a cool idea and I have got this FAB list to HELP you. This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

Crafts for Teachers

What Crafts can we make?

1.Ladybug Painted Rocks

These are super cool from Amanda over at Easy Craft Tutorials for Kids & Adults. Teachers will love this little gift to leave at school or at the teachers home. Just remember to engrave your name on the back.

2.Tassled Bag Charm

Teachers will love to have these charms on their bags. Decorators Notebook show you how to make them using coloured yarns. I am loving the styles and colours.

3.Cat Gift Box

Kids can easily make these using a loo roll, our favourite craft!! Maggy from Red Ted Art has great ideas, so Teachers will love this one. Cute and easy to make!!


4. Painted Twig Bouquet

These are a great gift for teachers from Homemade Ginger. A really easy guide to follow and kids will enjoy making them.


5. Paper Bracelet

Colourful and easy to make using water colours. Picklebums have an easy guide to show you how to make this great idea. Teachers will be able to wear their bracelets all day long!!


Egg carton craft to make a Wreath from Colourful and a lovely craft idea for the teacher. Kids will enjoy this easy craft!!

7. Treasure Chest

Teachers will love this Treasure Chest to store their little secret chocolates in at school. Easy craft from The Witches who show you how to make this FAB craft using an egg box.


8.Jewelled Heart Sun Catchers 

These are so beautiful from the Kids Craft room. They are easy to make and teachers will like them very much. They are gorgeous!!

9.Lego Desk Organiser

What a great Idea for your teachers to keep pens, pencil and rulers together. This is an easy craft from Kids Activity Blog, they will have fun building one!!


10.Mermaid Necklace

I love the Mermaid Necklace and so will your teachers. What a lovely gift idea from Mamma.Pappa.Bubba, such a sweet idea!!


11.Gruffalo Bookmark

Teachers will love this little gift for their books, who doesn’t like the Gruffalo. Its easy to make and will put a smile on your teachers face!!

12.Spring Blossom 

This craft will be loved by your teachers. Kids can use fingers to do the painting. This is a great idea from Arty Crafty Kids, kids will enjoy it too!!


13.Paper Plate Flower

A flower is so cute to give to your teacher. An easy paper plate craft from Pink Stripy Socks. The colours are so vibrant!!


14. Sun Catchers

A beautiful gift from Amanda over at Easy Craft Tutorials for Kids and Adults. Sun Catchers are a great and easy gift for your teacher.

15. Batman and Robin

These are super cool crafts for teachers who like Batman & Robin. A loo roll craft from The Craft Train, great idea!!


16. Hand Dish

These are great for teachers to use in the classroom or at home. What a cool idea from My Poppet a fab gift idea.


17. Aquarium Mason Jar

What a FAB gift to give to your teacher. A easy craft from Claireification idea. This is a beautiful Mason Jar full of Aquarium fun. Kids will enjoy filling the jars!!

I love the list I have created for you. Crafts can be made for your teacher, and they will love it when you have hand crafted them yourself.

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Check these cool crafts out:

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  1. These crafts are so pretty. I love the sun catcher and the bag tassels! I am sure any teacher would love to receive this from their students.

  2. All of these are such great ideas. Homemade gifts for teachers is such a sweet gesture.

  3. Seriously, I fell inlove with that paper plate flower and I want to make one with my kids! So beautiful and colorful

  4. these are great ideas. I love that the kids can help make so many of these. The painted sticks craft is my favorite.

  5. I had to remove all my kids from school but these are wonderful gifts! I know I would love to make and give to the great teachers some of my kiddos had!

  6. Teachers are the best. My grandson has a favorite as his preschool and I think we’ll have to make something special for her the next time we’re together for the afternoon. Probably the Lego desk organizer. He’s forever building new things with Legos! x

  7. A lego pencil holder is such a cute idea! I love it! I also love saving toilet paper rolls for crafts and such!

  8. Love the lady bugs. School is out right now for us since May 25th but I’d love to do this for next year. Such a great and cute ideas!!

  9. These are all great end of year crafts! I absolutely love that tassel bag and I feel like it’s perfect for a teacher to carry around their work.

    Michelle | She’s Not So Basic

  10. Oh my god, loved all the crafts especially the last one of the Aquarium mason jar! Thank you for this type of sharing, i really like this type of post 🙂

  11. These all look like great activities, but my favorite one by far is the Hand print ceramic dish!! What a wonderful keepsake!

  12. The lego desk organiser is something I want for myself!! This is definitely really creative xx I’m in college now but I bet my little cousin would be busy with this blog post over the weekend LOL

  13. I love love the cat gift baskets! There are so many awesome ideas here, definitely passing this on to my sister!

  14. I love doing arts and crafts with my youngest! It’s one of the ways that we spend time together and I really appreciate these ideas! I can’t wait to try some of them with her.

  15. These are pretty awesome ideas! I’m sure a lot of teachers will appreciate these. I think it’s awesome to have a little fun with arts and crafts before the school year ends.

  16. Looks like a double win, fun to make and a gift for a teacher to get or give. We are mid way through the school year here so it’s strange to think of this as the start of the school year!

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