Easter Baskets | Easy Kids Craft

Easter Baskets Easy Kids Craft

Bunny Basket for Easter!!

The witches were very eager to make Easter baskets after making Little Chicks.  We had the idea of making Easter Baskets Easy Kids Craft, cute little baskets with Bunny’s. A great craft using a paper plate. This craft is great for kids to make for Easter!! Bunny’s we did in another post are a great craft for the little ones to do. Fun and easy to make. Kids love creating at Easter time, and using paper plates is a great idea. Kids can create Chickens, which are fun and quick to make. The Witches loved making cute chicks for Easter. These are great for decorating Easter Baskets!! This post contains*Affiliated Links!!


Easter Baskets Easy Kids Craft Materials:

  • paper plate
  • pink card/paper
  • white card
  • cotton wool
  • wiggly eyes
  • coloured felt tips
  • PVA glue
  • cellotape

Making the Bunny

To start, you will need your white card. Draw round something circular to get your shape for the bunny head. Glue on the wiggly eyes, heart nose and ears on to the bunny face:

Next, draw on the whiskers and mouth. The witches added some cotton wool to the ears:

Making the basket

With the paper plate you can draw anything you like on it. The witches drew a few scribbles on the paper plates. I decided to draw some easter Eggs. The witches coloured them in:

easter baskets easy kids craft

You need to fold the paper plate in half.  At the ends you will need to fold them in and glue or tape the sides down:

Now you can glue/ tape on your bunny face to one side of the basket:

easter baskets easy kids craft

Next add your handle using cello-tape:

You have now finished your Easter Basket. You can add tissue paper and some little treats:

Easter Baskets Easy Kids Craft
The witches were delighted with the Easter Baskets. A really easy craft for kids to do and enjoy. Why not give it ago and share your Easter Baskets with us on our Facebook Page!

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Easter Treats!!

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