Easter Chick | Easy Kids Craft

Easter Chick | Easy Kids Craft

Holiday Fun!!

In the holidays we decided to make some little chicks. Easter Chick Easy Kids Craft!! The little witches were really excited to make them. They love getting the glue out and making a sticky mess! Just like the egg carton chicks that they made! The little chicks made by them were adorable in the end. I have done a How To, showing you how we made these little chicks. This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

easter chick easy kids craft

Materials needed to make the Easter Chick Easy Kids Craft:

Lets get started with the chicks!!

Using the yellow card, you will need to find 2 things in your house that will draw 2 circles. Not too large, and one of the circles needs to be slightly bigger. I used stacking cups to draw my circles out. Draw around your circle objects and cut them out:

Now you can glue your head onto the body. The smaller circle will be the head of the chick:

easter chick easy kids craft


easter chick easy kids craftNow you will need the orange card. You need to draw out and cut 2 triangle shaped beaks. Fold the top of the 2 triangles to make a tab. These tabs need to glued onto your chicks face:

easter chick easy kids craftOnce you have glued the nose, you can attach your wiggly eyes above the beak!

Using the orange card, you will need to draw and cut out 2 feet. Glue them onto the bottom of the body:


With the yellow card you will need to draw and cut out 2 wings for the chick. Glue them onto the sides of the chicks body:

easter chick easy kids craftLet your chick dry out and your chick can be used on Easter baskets, cards, display and much more. The little witches were really pleased with the chicks!

easter chick easy kids craft

A really easy craft do for Easter. You can share your ideas on our Facebook Page. We would love to see your ideas!

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