Easy Kids Crafts

Easy Kids Crafts

Easy Kids Crafts

Children can have ago at doing easy kids crafts!! I will post what I think will be easy enough for children to do at home with parents.  Materials needed for most of the work we do are things we find at home!!

A few little things you might need:

* Egg Cartons * Cereal boxes * Juice Carton * Loo Rolls * Yoghurt Pots * Lids * Toothpaste Boxes * Small Boxes *

Easy Kids CraftsThe Witches love creating videos of the Crafts that they do. Take a peek into YouTube where you can watch them create amazing crafts!!


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Mermaid Craft – easy craft for children using paper mâché

Scary Monsters – monster craft using craft sticks

Grasshopper Craft – make a grasshopper using an egg carton!

Zoo Animals – children can pick an animal to craft out

Girly Pirate – cute little girly pirate craft

Ladybird Craft – fun little craft for children and learn a new mini-beast

Boy Pirate – loo roll craft idea to make an adorable pirate!! Ahoy!!

Spider Craft – make a cute little spider using an egg carton. Easy Craft

Bumble Bee – easy egg carton craft creating 1 of 4 bugs!!

Treasure Chest – kids will enjoy creating their very own treasure chest!!

Easy Kids Craft – mum can have a few minutes. Kids can have fun!!

Jacks Bean Stalk – fun easy craft. Loo roll and a few leaves!!

Camera Craft – kids can create a camera. A really easy craft!

Tissue Paper Art – glueing tissue paper to create beautiful Art!!

Monster Craft – kids will love this easy craft. Paper plate Monster!!

Glittery Butterfly – cute glittery butterflies. Easy and fun to make!!

Fairy Castle – loo roll craft. Choose a colour and create any castle!!

Flower Craft – a egg carton craft. Easy peasy craft for kids!!

Rocket Craft – using recycled things in your home to create a Rocket!!

Easter Bunny Craft – the witches have created cute bunny’s for easter. A really easy craft!!

Glasses Craft – this is a fun craft created by the witches!!

Paper Plate Chickens – a really easy craft painting paper plates to create chickens!

Juice Carton Shops – let children get crafty with this quick craft of painting juice cartons.

Little Chicks Craft – egg carton craft for kids to paint and create little chicks!

Water Play with Bottles – children will love to paint recycled bottles. Fill them with water and watch the water pour out!

Easter Baskets– to make a basket you will need a paper plate, coloured felts, glue and card!

Easter Chick- all you need for this craft is card and glue. Kids will love making a chick for Easter.

Easy Kids Crafts

Come on guys, we would love to see how your crafts turn out. Please email: rachel@witchestellthestory.com and we will share your crafts on our website.

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