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Grasshopper Craft!!

The last craft of the Fun Bugs!! The Witches have created a Egg Carton Grasshopper Craft. This craft is fun and easy to make with your children. The Witches have watched and listened to grasshoppers when they visit Grandparents who live abroad. They love looking for them in books along with other mini beasts like the Ladybird, Bumble Bee and Spider. These are really easy crafts to make.  This post contains *Affiliate Links!! Why not sign up to our FREE CRAFTY NEWSLETTER and get FREE crafts sent to your email for crafts to do to keep kids busy!!

Favourite Bug

I asked the Witches which Bug is your favourite? They named quite a few. I said to to them how about creating 2 Bugs each!! This can be quite a hand full having 2 Witches creating something together. I try to take photos and then 1 of the Witches waiting and then decides to get on with it her way. I actually do not mind this at all, its their website and they can create the crafts how they want to!! Haha!! This is all about doing easy crafts with your children!!

The Witches decided to make a Ladybird, Bumble Bee, Spider and a Grasshopper!!

Materials needed for the Whole Bug Craft:

  • egg carton box
  • pipe cleaners US
  • wiggly eyes US
  • black, red, yellow and green paint US
  • cellotape
  • scissors US
  • black felt/marker US

The Egg Carton Fun Bug Craft (4 bugs)You will need your egg carton box. Cut out 4 egg compartment slots, 1 for this craft:

In this post we will only be showing you

how to make the Egg Carton Grasshopper Craft!!

Egg Carton Grasshopper Craft

Egg Carton Grasshopper Craft

To make the Grasshopper you will need:

  • green paint US
  • wiggly eyes US
  • cellotape
  • green pipe cleaners US
  • yellow pipe cleaners US
  • sharp ended tool to pierce holes

Paint one of your egg cartons in green paint US

Leave to dry!!

Pierce 2 holes on the top of the egg carton with a sharp ended tool:

Pierce 4 holes on both sides of the egg carton:

Cut 8 strips of green pipe cleaners for the legs. Tie a knot on the end of them:

Feed the pipe cleaners through the holes:

Cut 2 small yellow pipe cleaners for the antennas. Tie a knot on the ends, and feed them through the holes at the top:

Add the wiggly eyes and the Grasshopper Craft is finished!!

Egg Carton Grasshopper Craft


This craft is really EASY for kids and they will love playing with the Grasshopper making it jump around. Kids can count the legs, count the eyes and get them to learn colours too. Our FUN BUG posts are educational for children. Please email if you have created a craft like this, and would like it to be shared on this post.

Egg Carton Grasshopper Craft

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