Egg Carton Spider Craft | Fun Bugs

Egg Carton Spider Craft | Fun Bugs

Create Fun Bugs!!

We have created another FUN BUG Egg Carton Spider Craft post. We love these little bugs, and its ACE that the little Witch is learning them at school. The Witches say that they are scared of spiders, I don’t want them to be scared!! If I see a Spider, I take them to it and show them that the Spider is just as scared!! Haha, I bet you think I am mean!! When I was a little girl I use to chase my brother with a spider in a jar. I use to keep them as pets, yes I am crazy!! Hehe!! We have created a Spider Craft for children to enjoy and to play with. My Witches love playing with the BUGS that we have made.

From the BUGS  topic which you may have already seen in another post, where we made a Bumble Bee using an egg carton box. Keep hold of your egg carton boxes, they are so useful for crafting and you can make things like the  Flower Craft or even a little chick!! These crafts are super easy and be found on the Easy Kids Craft Page.

Egg Carton Spider Craft | Fun Bugs

Favourite Bug

I asked the Witches which Bug is your favourite? They named quite a few. I said to to them how about creating 2 Bugs each!! It can be quite a hand full having 2 Witches creating something together, me trying to take photos and then 1 Witch is waiting and decides to get on with it her way. I actually do not mind this at all, its their website and they can create the crafts how they want to!! Haha!! This is all about doing easy crafts with your children!! This post contains *Affiliated Links!! 

The Witches decided to make a Ladybird, Bumble Bee, Spider and a Grasshopper!!

Materials needed for the Whole Bug Craft:

  • egg carton box
  • pipe cleaners US
  • wiggly eyes US
  • black, red, yellow and green paint US
  • cellotape
  • scissors US
  • black felt/marker US

Starting the Egg Carton Spider Craft!

First of you will need your egg carton box. Cut out 4 egg compartment slots, 1 for this craft:

In this post we will only be showing you

how to make the Egg Carton SPIDER Craft!!

Egg Carton Spider Craft | Fun Bugs

Egg Carton Spider Craft

To make the Spider you will need:

  • black paint US
  • wiggly eyes US
  • cellotape
  • black pipe cleaners US
  • sharp ended tool to pierce holes

Paint one of your egg cartons in black paint? US

Egg Carton Spider Craft | Fun BugsEgg Carton Spider Craft | Fun Bugs

Leave the paint to dry (boring bit for my Witches):


Now you can stick/glue on the wiggly eyes US (best place to stick these are on the smallest bit of the egg carton):

Egg Carton Spider Craft | Fun Bugs

Now you will need a black pipe cleaner: US

Cut the pipe cleaner into 6. Fold in half and in half again. Tie a small knot on the ends of them:

With a sharp tool, make 6 small holes around the edges. Feed the pipe cleaners through the holes. This is really good for your children to do, my Witches enjoyed feeding the pipe cleaners:


Thats the end of making a spider. This craft is really EASY for kids and they will love playing with the Spider. Kids can count the legs, count the eyes, getting them to learn colours. Our BUG posts will be educational for children. Please email for further information on this craft.

Egg Carton Spider Craft | Fun Bugs

Finished Spider Craft!

We would love to know what you think of the Spider Craft.

You need to remember that our crafts are created by the Witches who are Aged 4 and 2.

Egg Carton Spider Craft | Fun Bugs


Egg Carton Spider Craft | Fun Bugs


This craft is really EASY for kids and they will love playing with the Spider. Kids can count the legs, count the eyes and get them to learn colours too. Our FUN BUG posts are educational for children. Please email if you have created a craft like this, and would like it to be shared on this post.

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  1. These are so cute! I never would have thought of using an egg carton like this! My daughter is always wanting to save everything (I mean everything, even toilet paper rolls lol) so this will be a perfect craft to do with her and little man!

  2. Whenever my grandson comes over for the afternoon, I always plan something crafty for us to do together. These cute little guys are definitely going on our to-make list. I’m excited to see how ours turn out!

  3. Oh so super cute! My kids love crafts and being creative with the little crafts they do. they’ll love to do something like this, I think it would be lots of fun!

  4. i literally remember doing this as a kid – and since then i haven’t even these kind of simple creative things being done with kids because i swear nursery are full of iPads

  5. These crafty egg carton spiders were always a big hit when my kids were younger. They are cute and very easy to make…

  6. Those look so fun for kids to make and play with. My boys would love doing this craft. The next time it rains, I will plan this craft for them.

  7. This is the cutest Summer craft. My son just turned four so he would love it. He suffers from ADHD and sensory sensitivity so activities like these really help him.

  8. This are adorable! My boys would get a kick out of making these! I don’t like spiders but I would love to help them make these adorable little guys!

  9. That’s so much fun! I think it’s awesome that you shared this craft! My 5 year old will love it and it will keep her busy for hours too especially this summer break.

  10. This is adorable, creative and cost effective! Love it! My little one is a bit too young for this yet, but we are hosting a party in a few weeks and I think I might have the kiddos make this for fun. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I remember how much fun I used to have as a kid making things out of egg cartons x

  12. I totally remember making these as a kid and then later preparing them for kids to make in kindergarden. Maybe one day I’ll make them with my nephews!

  13. That spider is absolutely adorable! Love it! So clever the things you can do with a few bits and pieces including an egg carton!

  14. Those are too cute. My kids made these back when they were in preschool and I still have them!!

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