TP Roll Glasses Craft | Fun & Easy

Glasses Craft | Fun & Easy

This is a FUN & EASY Craft created by the Witches!! hehehehehe.

The witches were nagging me to make Loo Roll Glasses Craft. I said ok;  creating a glasses craft is fun and easy to do? Not sure how we can make these!!  Lets start by cutting up some loo rolls and lets see!! Could we really make some cute glasses for the Witches?? The answer, was no!! The glasses were a silly craft and fun to do!! This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

Love that the Witches had this great idea!!!

The Witches have a great imagination, especially when the Witch drew a picture of her family meeting Gruffalo in the woods. Brilliant love the drawing!! The Witch did a FAB drawing of a dinosaur waiting for the bus. I love the ideas they have.

Loo Roll Glasses Craft

Materials we used to create the loo roll glasses craft:

Cut the loo rolls into sizes you want. The witches glued them together:

Glasses Craft | Fun & Easy    Glasses Craft | Fun & Easy


Glasses Craft | Fun & Easy    Glasses Craft | Fun & Easy

I used a paperclip to hold the loo rolls together. The witches painted the loo rolls:

Glasses Craft | Fun & EasyAt this stage I had no idea what the witches wanted to do next. I waited and let them have a think about how they wanted the glasses to look. One of the Witches decided, bunny ears. I said ok, if thats what you want.  I cut out the bunny ears like the ears from the bunny craft we did. The Witches glued some cotton wool onto them. They cut some slits at the bottom so we could glue the ears to the glasses:

Glasses Craft | Fun & Easy

Glue the bunny ears to the loo roll. Attach the pipe cleaners to the sides of the loo rolls.

Loo Roll Glasses Craft

This is a FUN craft created by the witches. Did you like the craft?? Do you have a FUNNY craft to share with the Witches?

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