Reading Goldilocks | Video

Reading Goldilocks

Goldilocks and The Three Bears!

The Witches love reading books. Little Witch my 2 year old absolutely loves reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She copies every word you say in the story, which is really good because I know she is listening and then she knows what to say when we read the book again. This post contains *Affiliate Links!!
You can watch the video on YouTube. Big Witch is reading the book to the little Witches and I am videoing them. It did take a few takes, as little Witch needed the toilet and the other little Witch was gazing out of the window.  Little Witch loved that we did the beginning of the book 3 times!!

Reading Goldilocks

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a Ladybird First Favourite Tales. Little Witch got this book for Christmas with other Ladybird books. My little Witch has me reading them over and over. The Witches have created a loo roll craft of the Three Bears. They love acting out the characters and read the story.

Big Witch enjoyed reading the books to the little Witches. It will be Little Red Riding Hood next, we shall see. Just depends if the little Witches want that book!

I love seeing the little Witches face when we read a book to them:

The Witches love the Ladybird Collection of Books. They are so fun and the pictures are amazing.

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