Jack and the Bean Stalk | Nursery Craft

Jack and The Bean Stalk | Nursery Craft

Creative Craft at Nursery – Bean Stalk.

What has the Witch been up to at Nursery?

The Witch has been busy creating a Bean Stalk for Jack to climb up. What a great idea for kids to do. A Creative Craft at Nursery!! Read a book and create a craft from it. This is the sort of ideas that the Witches do at home. We love reading books and thinking of a craft to do. This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

Reading a book and creating a Craft!!

Just like the Molly Maybe and the Monster Mission book – we created a Monster Craft. The Witches love looking through the books and getting an idea to create a craft!! Create Little Red Riding hood with loo rolls.  Any way, on with Jack and his Bean Stalk!!

Jack and The Bean Stalk | Nursery Craft

Look how easy this craft was for children to create. You need a long tube and cut green leaves using coloured paper. The Witch liked the idea of having pink leaves for her stalk!! Crazy imagination!!  Amazing what you can achieve from reading the book. The Witches love creating with loo rolls, easy to paint and stick wiggly eyes on like the glittery fairies. Easy fun craft for kids!

The Witch is reading Jack and the Bean Stalk book at school. We are reading Practice Your Phonics with Traditional Tales – Jack and the Bean Stalk by Gill Munton at home. They are many different versions of the book. I will put a list out at the bottom of this page for you to check them out!!!

 How about creating a castle for Jack once he has climbed his stalk. Having the Stalk and castle together really does put the story together.

Little Witch loves The Three Little Pigs Book. We created a craft after this, the little Witch loves to read this book every single night!!

Do your children have a favourite book to read? We would love to know!Jack and the Bean Stalk | Nursery Craft

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  1. Thanks Jennifer. I was told by the teacher that my little Witch wanted her leaves to be pink on the bean stalk. Kids have fun imagination. Hehe!! Glad to hear you love creating at home too x

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