Juice Carton Shops | Kids Craft

Juice Carton Shops

Juice carton Shops!!

Yet again, the Witches love getting the paint out!!  Asking what they can paint today.!! We had the idea of painting Juice Cartons. You can paint them and create Juice Carton Shops Kids Craft!! Super and easy craft for kids. The Witches loved making a castle for their fairies, another easy craft. You can create a city and include a model car. Kids have a great imagination!! This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

The girls are always pointing out buildings that they see – supermarkets, vets, pet shop, ice-cream, McDonalds, and schools.

Juice Carton Shops Kids Craft

I really did not have any ideas on how this craft was going to turn out. I went along with the Witches, and let them decide on what to do.

This is a great craft for kids to enjoy!

Materials needed for the Juice Carton Shops Kids Craft:

recycled juice carton, paint and PVA glue. Not a right lot!! This is a really easy craft to do!!

I got the Witches to paint the cartons in the colours they wanted:

Juice Carton Shops Kids Craft

Juice Carton Shops Kids Craft

Juice Carton Shops Kids Craft

Juice Carton Shops Kids Craft

Leave the juice cartons to dry. Discuss with your children what they want to create. The littlest Witch chose a pet shop. We left ours to dry overnight and the little Witch changed her mind about the pet shop.

I gave the Witches a piece of paper each. I asked them to draw what they wanted on the shop front.

Little Witch started drawing flowers:

Juice Carton Shops Kids Craft

Littlest Witch wanted an Ice-cream shop. I helped her with the Ice-cream drawings:

Juice Carton Shops Kids Craft

I cut them out, and I let the Witches glue them onto the cartons.

Littlest Witch#1 Ice-Cream Shop:

Juice Carton Shops | Kids Craft

Little Witch#2 Flower Shop:

Juice Carton Shops | Kids Craft

The Witches finished glueing the pictures on. Paint a white strip on the front for the shop name!

We hope you enjoyed our quick post on how to make a craft carton into a shop. Children can use their imagination into making any type of building.

Juice Carton Shops | Kids Craft

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