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Learning Shapes

The little Witches learning Shapes!!

The Witches were struggling a little with learning shapes! We wanted to be learning shapes a fun way!!  They were getting the shapes mixed up, not saying what shape it was and saying a random colour.  Little Witch drew a house with chalks using shapes at Nursery, this is a great start. This post contains *Affiliate Links!!
Learning Shapes

The Witches tried different ways of learning the shapes: reading books, what we could see around the house or when we go out, but the  Witches have so many different shapes to learn, how can we learn them all? A great way was to have shapes cut out in different colours and arrange them to make a picture.

We had the idea of printing out most of the shapes, cutting them out and then laminating them!

Cool way to start little ones learning Shapes!!

Learning Shapes

Little Witch has been learning shapes at Nursery too. So I thought printing some shapes to use at home would help them learn. You can watch the little Witches learn the Shapes on YouTube. Please give it a watch and a LIKE!! If you would like to see more video’s you can also SUBSCRIBE too. Thank you!!

Learning Shapes

Would you like to see more videos like this? If so, leave us comment on what you would like to see. We are learning phonic sounds at the moment.

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  1. These are great ways to teach kids to learn while having fun. This is a brilliant idea! 🙂 With this game they are learning shapes and colors. If you add numbers to the shades they will be able to learn numbers too.

  2. This is such a super fun idea! My son has been learning shapes, letters and numbers and we are always looking for fun ways to keep him interested in learning. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My nephew and nieces are past this phase in their learning but this would have been a great help when they were doing shapes. It’s always great to keep the creativity in learning alive at home.

  4. Great idea. Learning can’t stop when daycare or preschool is over. Having these cut outs at home can reinforce whatever the little ones are learning.

  5. it’s great to reinforce learning at home and it is clearly going to be helpful! We used cue cards for our little guy

  6. I miss the time when I was still teaching my little girls.. hope I knew this earlier. But, I can still do this to my baby boy soon! Thanks for this wonderful idea. You’re a great mom. Hats off!

  7. What a great way for the kids to learn. They seem to being enjoying their shapes.

  8. aw this is such an adorable way to get kids to learn. how exciting. and it makes it fun and more colorful not something boring. def would love to see more of these videos.

  9. I love love that you call them little witches! What an adorable nickname. Creating fun ways to learn is always a good thing!

  10. That is a great way to teach little ones their shapes! I remember that I had a shape sorter for my boys when they were little, but this is way more fun.

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