Little Chicks Craft for Kids

Little Chicks Craft

Little Chicks Craft!!

Little Chicks CraftI loved the Easter Craft for Kids of the little chick we made. Following that idea, we had this idea of making some little chicks craft using egg boxes. An easy craft for kids to do!! We also made it fun, by counting the chicks, counting the eyes, counting the beaks and going through the colours. This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

Materials Needed:

First of all you will need to cut out the egg compartments from your egg box. Give them a colour of paint:

  Little Chicks Craft  

Little Chicks Craft
Next, you need to cut out the beaks for your little chicks. To do do this you will need to use card/foam. I used orange card for our beaks. You will need to cut out a diamond shape and fold the beak in half:

Cut your tissue paper into small pieces and glue them around your chicks. You don’t have to cover the whole chick! We left our chicks to dry over night as the little witches love using lots of glue:

Little Chicks Craft
Add the beaks and feathers to the chicks:

Little Chicks Craft    

Little Chicks Craft

Add your eyes to the little chicks:

Little Chicks Craft
Finished Chicks!!

The little witches were so happy how the chicks had turned out:
Little Chicks Craft

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