Meeting Gruffalo | Nursery Drawing

meeting gruffalo nursery drawing

Meeting Gruffalo Nursery Drawing – In the Woods!!

Meeting Gruffalo Nursery Drawing. At Nursery the little Witch has been learning about the Gruffalo. If you haven’t read this book yet, its a great book to read to your kids. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

I won’t go in to much detail about the book as the Witch has explained it in her picture.

meeting gruffalo nursery drawing

The Witch loves drawing. She drew some lovely daffodils in different coloured felt tips at school. Amazing Drawing!! She also coloured in a car for Nursery homework. I love the pictures she brings home from school. She did a colourful chalking of a house. I like the way she has drawn shapes for the house. Fantastic!!!

The Witches Drawing

This is how the Witch explained what she had drawn:
meeting gruffalo nursery drawing
The big drawing in the picture is the Gruffalo!!  Daddy, Mummy, Lillie and Ivy are in the deep dark woods. In the deep dark woods we meet a snake, a mouse and a fox!

It is amazing how my Witch has been listening to the book – Gruffalo and can create a picture. I know some of you probably can’t make out the people, where I can. I thinks its great!!

Thank you to my little Witch Age 3 for your picture today!!

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