Mermaid Easy Crafts For Kids

Mermaid Easy Crafts For Kids

Mermaid Easy Craft For Kids!

For the first time the Witches had ago at paper mâché to make Mermaid Easy Crafts For Kids. They loved dipping newspaper into the glue to make the mermaids. It is great knowing that the Witches have enjoyed using paper mâché, this is my all time favourite. Many craft models you can make using paper mâché.

Mermaid Easy Crafts For Kids

A craft for children that I have made it easy for them to paper mâché the mermaid. Some parts of this craft where adults will need to take over cutting out paper. It really is a fun and easy craft for children and parents to do together. The little Witches kept checking them every two minutes to see if the mermaids had dried out!!  **Have a bowl of soapy water to wash sticky fingers** Boys who do not like mermaids may like the Monster Stick Craft better. They can create an animal from the 100 Zoo Animal Craft.

Mermaid Easy Crafts For Kids


Children will be able to learn the colours of paint when crafting. Counting wiggly eyes can be fun, and learning shapes. Each craft that we post, I will show a bullet point on where you can show a learning skill.

To make the mermaid easy crafts for kids, can be crafted by children using recyclable materials in the home. I have used affiliate links in the post if you need help knowing where you can get them from.

Its FAB that the Witches have a Light Up Mermaid Doll (UK)(US) that swims in water, and they absolutely love it. Pretending to be mermaids in the bath is to sweet to watch.

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Materials Needed:

  • 2 TP Rolls
  • newspaper
  • 1 paint colour UK/US
  • PVA glue and water UK/US
  • glue stick UK/US
  • coloured paper UK/US
  • scissors UK/US
  • wiggly eyes UK/US
  • decorative pieces UK/US
  • foil UK/US
  • felt-tip pens UK/US
  • cellotape UK/US

You may need a paint brush for this craft! UK/US

Lets get started!

First for this craft you will need your 2 TP Rolls. Adults will need to start this craft off first!

Cut small slits on one end and cellotape the other end together. Repeat this with the other TP Roll.

Join the 2 TP Rolls together, so the slits go inside the other. This can be cellotaped together in the middle. Make sure they are no gaps in the TP Rolls.

Making the paper mâché

All you need to do is add glue and water into a tub and mix together. Don’t make it too watery. Children can tear up small pieces of newspaper.

Now your TP Roll is ready to paper mâché.

Dip a piece of newspaper into the glue.

If little fingers get sticky, having a bowl of soapy water ready at one side is a good idea.

When the newspaper has been dipped into the glue, it can be placed onto the TP Roll covering it all. Any pieces sticking out can be smoothed over to make it look flat.

Leave the paper mâché to dry out. The Witches were very eager and were checking them every two minutes. This was a time to ask them how they would like to dress the mermaid.

  • Get children to knock on it and ask them if its hard or soft

Painting Time!!

Paint your mermaid!! Mermaids can be painted in any colour that they want.

  • Ask your child if their know the colour of paint that they are using

Witches painted the mermaids with pink paint.

Draw out a face shape that will go onto the front of the mermaid. Cutting out a half of a circle/oval shape.

  • Learn the shape you cut out with your child

Add the wiggly eyes using glue or self adhesive ones. Draw on some lips with the the felt-tips.

  • Get them to count the eyes
  • Ask them if their know the colour of felt-tip they are using

The face can be glued onto the mermaid with a glue stick. Depending where your children have put the eyes, you might have to pull it down to leave room for the hair.


To make the fishtail you will need to place the mermaid on top of coloured paper. Draw roughly around the bottom half, drawing it longer to form a tail at the bottom. This needs to fit on the front, you can decide how long the tail is in length.

Stick down the fishtail onto the mermaid using a glue stick.

The hair may have to move about to get it in place and check that the ends at the top are glued down.

Foil Strips

Tear thin strips of foil and children can colour them in different colours.

  •  Learning the colours of felt tips that they are using is great for children!!

A  few lengths will be ok to cover the bottom of the tail. Start from the bottom and work your way up. This can be stuck down with the glue stick.

Decorating the Mermaid

It would be nice to get children to add different little things to their mermaid. We used sequins, foam pieces, pom poms, anything that we thought looked pretty.


Using coloured paper you will need to cut out the hair. Lay the mermaid on top of the paper, leaving some room at the top. Draw lines to where you want the hair to stop. Fold it over at the front to show a fringe.

  • If you have different coloured paper, get children to pick and say the colour!

Glue the hair onto the mermaid.

Add some detail to the hair. This is optional depending on what you have at home.

Mermaid Easy Crafts For Kids Finished!!

Mermaid Easy Crafts For Kids

What a delightful craft to make with the Witches. Having fun together and picking out little bits to go onto the mermaids. I loved watching the Witches glue on sequins and add little touches to the hair. This is a fantastic craft to make with the children, its a craft that needs to be done roughly over 2 days.

Come on guys, we would love to see how your mermaids turn out. Please email: and we will share your crafts on our website.

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