Monster Craft Easy Kids DIY

Monster Craft | Easy Kids DIY

Monster Craft Easy Kids DIY!!

The Witches have created a Monster Craft Easy Kids Diy. . An easy craft for children to do. The Witches enjoyed the  chicken craft  using paper plates. This craft was an easy craft that kids will love to do. We seem to have a monster thing going on at home at the moment. The little Witches love acting like Monsters, hiding and scaring us! This gave us the idea to create a Monster using a Paper Plate. This post contains *Affiliated Links!!

Monster Picture’s from Books!

We had a look through the books we read. I knew we had read one with a Monster in it:
Monster Craft | Easy Kids DIYMolly Maybe and the Monster Mission by Kristina Stephenson.

The Monster picture’s in the book are colourful and large.  We got our craft idea of Monsters after this book!!

Monster Craft | Easy Kids DIY

Materials needed to make the Monsters:

Start off by painting your paper plates. Monsters can be in any colours:



Let your paper plates dry out and draw a large mouth using the coloured felt-tips:


The Witches coloured in the large mouth:

I cut out a few triangles for the teeth:

The Witches glued on the teeth around the black mouth:

The Monster’s just need their eyes. We used a mixture of different sizes:

The Witches glued on the wiggly eyes:


Monster Finished!! This was such an easy craft for the little Witches to do. They really enjoyed glueing the eyes on. The Witches started running around the house, being Monsters!! Ace Craft for Kids!!! The Witches have a great imagination. Making Camera’s is a fun craft for children, pretending to take photo’s.

Monster Craft | Easy Kids DIY  Monster Craft | Easy Kids DIY

Monster Craft | Easy Kids DIY Monster Craft Easy Kids DIY

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  1. These are so adorable! I love how it strays away from the traditional two eyes and adds the different shapes – that makes it so much more fun and each one is sure to be unique!


  2. So cute and so fun! We love doing easy crafts like this with our kiddos. They think its so fun, so we are excited to try this!

  3. This is such a cute craft for kids! Simple, straight forward and lots of fun! Plus, it keeps them busy ‘being monsters’ long after the craft is complete!

  4. This seems like a really fun, easy craft activity for kids. Your children look so happy with their monsters.

  5. My daughter and I love doing arts and crafts together and I’m sure she’s going to love this idea. I think it’s awesome and it’s pretty cool as well.

  6. My kids would have a blast with this craft. My daughter has been walking around roaring at everyone lately, so a monster is right up her alley.

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