Paper Plate Snakes – Easy Kids Craft

Paper Plate Snakes

Easy Craft For Kids!!

Again we love our paper plate crafts, to make a paper plate snakes. Easy to use for toddlers to paint and create a great craft from it. The Witches have made a few crafts using paper plates, the chicken craft is fun and colourful. The monster craft has a lot of wiggly eyes and the Witches can count them and scare the grandparents. Crafts can be fun to do and kids can learn from making them.

Paper Plate Snakes

Paper Plate Snake is a fun and easy craft for children. Children from the age of two years old can have ago at this craft. You might need a few craft items to make the snake. I have used affiliate links in the post if you need help knowing where you can get them from.

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Children love to make crafts, you can introduce them to different colours of paint. Counting wiggly eyes can be fun, and learning shapes. Each craft that we post, I will show a bullet point on where you can show a learning skill.

Materials needed for the Paper Plate Snakes:

A pencil maybe needed to draw out the spiral of the snake! Blu-tac UK/US to make a hole (optional). Kids paint brush too!! UK/US

Lets Start the Craft!!

Paint a paper plate on one side only in any colour. Bold colours look great, and using kids paint is fine too.

  • Ask your child if their know the shape of the paper plate!!
  • toddlers can learn the colour of the paint. Try it out!!

Leave the paper plates to dry out. They will go quite hard and bend up on the corners, don’t worry about this!! I love the colours that the Witches chose!!

Cutting the Paper Plate Snakes

Turn the paper plate onto the other side. With a pencil draw a spiral shape!! * I used a felt-tip to draw out the spiral shape to show you guys more of a clear picture.

Cutting the spiral and follow the lines. Adults may have to cut this out!!

Paper Plate Snakes Tongue

Draw and cut out a small tongue for the snake.

On the back of the snakes head, cellotape the tongue down.

Wiggly Eyes for the Paper Plate Snakes

Kids can now stick on the wiggly eyes using glue or self adhesive ones.

  • Children can learn to count by counting the wiggly eyes!

With a sharp pencil and blu-tac, pierce a hole through the head part. Using wool or cotton thread feeding it through the hole and attach some cellotape to hold it down. Leave some length so children can use it pull the snake up and down.

Finished Paper Plate Snakes

Paper Plate Snakes

Paper Plate Snakes

What a fun and easy craft to do for kids. The Witches loved and played with the Paper Plate Snakes for hours, watching them blow in the garden. It was great watching the Witches running and the snakes flying behind them.

Come on guys, we would love to see how your paper plate snakes turn out. Please email: and we will share your crafts on our website.

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Paper Plate Snakes



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