Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft

Halloween Craft

The Witches have made a Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft for Halloween. This craft is really easy for toddlers and preschool children. Check out the  36 Crafts of Halloween for toddlers and preschool children, these crafts are really easy too, and they are so many different crafts to choose from.

The Pumpkin Paper Plates hanging up will look so cute and adorable for halloween. The best thing of all is knowing that the children have made the crafts. Children can make this craft their own, it doesn’t matter where the eyes or teeth go. It is fun to watch children get on with the craft.

The pumpkin paper plate crafts for kids, is an easy craft for children using recyclable materials in the home. I have used affiliate links in the post if you need help knowing where you can get them from.


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Materials needed for the Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft

Starting the Pumpkin Craft

Paint a paper plate. We used orange and a tint of black! Get children to try and dab the paint on, it leaves a much nicer texture!

Leave the paper plate to dry.

Cut out 2 large triangles for the eyes, and a few small triangles for the mouth. Glue them on using a glue stick.

An easy craft for toddlers and preschool children. The little Witch is happy with her pumpkin!!

Give it ago with your children, you only need a few craft items to make the pumpkin. It was funny when the witch was trying to make the pumpkin talk!!

Finished Pumpkins

Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft

Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft

Monster Crafts for Halloween

Children can enjoy making monsters for halloween. Making a monster craft for toddlers and preschool children doesn’t have to be scary. Monster crafts can be fun and exciting to make, adding lots of wiggly eyes is the fun part for children.

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Craft Stick Scary Monsters

Monster Paper Plates

Spiders are great for decoration in the home for halloween. Try these egg carton spiders:

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Amazing what you can make from a paper plate!! Come on guys, we would love to see how your pumpkin turns out. Please email: rachel@witchestellthestory.com and we will share your crafts on our website.

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