Recycled Rocket | Quick Easy Cheap Craft!

recycled rocket

Rocket Craft!!

The Witches have created a Recycled Rocket – quick and easy cheap craft!! My little witches were looking in the recycle boxes that we have. We store all our recycled materials like toothpaste boxes, plastic lids, yoghurt pots etc…. Having these stored you can make other crafty stuff, like creating a shop with juice cartons or create a castle using loo rolls and a cereal box!! Easy and Cheap Crafts!! This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

How Tall can you make your Rocket?

The witches picked out some stuff together, and I got them some glue. I always have some PVA glue ready just incase the witches decide one minute that they want to create something!!

I asked the witches what they wanted to make, and they both said “Rockets”. Wow Witches what a great idea I said, you can send them to the moon and back. They gathered quite a few things to make their Rocket. They wanted to make the Rockets really tall!!

recycled rocket

Its great watching the witches!! The little hands working very hard to get tiny things to stick together. Using more and more glue!! The Witches really enjoyed making glasses using loo rolls and bits they could find to create a fun craft!!

I try to get as many photo’s to show you how amazing little ones can create such fabulous crafts.

Materials needed to make a Rocket:

  • tubes any sizes
  • plastic lids
  • yoghurt pots
  • small boxes
  • PVA glue 

A kitchen roll tube, plastic bottle and a loo roll – to start this rocket craft off:


The witches glued a yoghurt pot and a toothpaste box on to a kitchen roll. Little witch used a loo roll for hers! As you can see, the witches love glueing. Think she had enough and thought it was best to peal the glue off and take a little break.


The witches gathered little things like, plastic lids and a ferrero rosher insert. They collected little objects that they thought would look interesting for rocket. They glued these on:


Glue on the plastic lids to the rocket:


My little witches loved creating these rockets. The witches used what they could find in the recycled boxes and used there imagination to create.  Kids can create anything from recycled materials. Check out the Easy Kids Craft Page. They are so many easy crafts for kids to do!! Its a great way for kids to glue things together and create what ever they want. I really do love what kids are thinking and its great way for kids to make something cool. My witches will love playing with the rockets all day long!!

recycled rocket

The Witch is really proud of her rocket. She has done really well creating her own rocket. Well Done to them, creating a rocket as tall as can be!! We can send them off blasting!!

 Look how easy this craft was to make. We have only used the materials we have in our own home.

Finished Rocket!!

recycled rocket

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