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three little pigs loo roll craft

The Witches love reading books – Fairytale books!!

The three little pigs loo roll craft!! This is one of our favourites! We have turned this book into a loo roll craft!! Just like the Little Red Riding Hood Book. We really love our loo roll crafts. The favourite being the castle created by the Witches!!! This post contains*Affiliated Links!!

Ladybird Books

Reading The Three Little Pigs by Ladybird, we have created our characters like those in this book!


What will you need for the Three Little Pigs Loo Roll Craft:

To make this you will need plenty of fabric and glue! All of the 3 pigs created have the same clothing, just in a different colour!

This craft is really good for the kids to enjoy. Adults will need to take over with the cutting of the fabric.

~They is a lot of cutting of fabric in this post~

Materials needed to make the pigs and the big bad wolf:

Three little pigs 

You need to paint 3 of the loo rolls in pink paint. The Witches painted these. Leave to dry:

Using pink card, you will need to cut out 3 pairs of ears:

The Witches coloured inside the ears. To make them look more like piggy ears:

Glue your ears to the sides of the top of your pigs face:

On the front of your pigs faces, draw a temporary line where you want your face to go. Roughly draw a line where you want the pigs top to finish. The top will be the size from the bottom of the pigs face to where you draw your line:

Three little pigs clothing

To make the clothing you will need: purple, blue,red, mustard, and cream fabric. Don’t worry if you don’t have the same colours.  You could find old fabric of clothing you no longer need!! You only need small pieces, enough to fit around the loo roll!!

Starting with the cream fabric first. Measure between the bottom of the pigs face, and to where you drew your line. You will need to cut out 3 pieces for this, one for each pig. Glue them onto your pigs body:

Next you will need the purple, blue and red fabric. Cut out the same pattern 3 times for each of your pigs. Measure above the bottom of the cream top to the bottom of the loo roll, and cut this this out. Cut out where you want the legs to go. If you can not draw this shape, you can leave it as one solid colour going around the loo roll!

Remember to cut one of these in red and blue:

Glue these onto your pigs. Cut the loo roll out where the legs go:

Using the same coloured fabrics you need to finish your dungarees giving them some straps. Measure from roughly the top of the coloured fabric,  to the top of the cream fabric. Make the strap over hang:

Cut a piece of material in the colours, to go in the middle of the straps:

Scarf for the Piggies

Next you will need to give your piggies a scarf each. Again you will need the same pattern 3 times. I didn’t glue these on, as the knot holds the scarf into place. I followed the line of the face to guide where I put the scarf:

Give your little piggies a face. I used a black marker and a pink crayon to draw on my details. I gave them the similar expressions as the cover of the book:

Where you drew your guided line of the face at the top, you will need to cut this out. Carefully not to cut off the ears:

The back of the pig should look like this/similar:

Glue on 4 sets of buttons, small enough to fit on the straps of the dungarees!! We did not have any black buttons, we had to paint ours:

Finished Piggies!!

Now you have 3 little pigs. We love how the pigs have turned out:

three little pigs loo roll craft

Big bad Wolf

I am loving how the wolf has turned out!! We didn’t really know how I we were going to make this. This is just like the wolf in Red Riding Hood. I just sort of went along and hoped for the best. As I kept adding the different layers of clothing I actually started enjoying how the wolf turned out.

three little pigs loo roll craft

To make the wolf you will need: cream, brown, dark grey, light grey and red fabric. You only need small scrap pieces. You will need black card, black paint ( we only had acrylic), wiggly eyes, PVA glue and a black marker pen!!

Paint a loo roll black:

Using black card (we used white, which we painted black). You will need to cut out a 2 ears, a tail and a fur hair:

Glue on the ears, tail and fur hair:

Clothing for the Wolf

Next you will need your cream fabric. This will go between the tail and the bottom of the fur sticking out. Measure out, cut it and glue this on:

Next you will need your dark grey fabric. The picture below is the best way to describe how to make the trousers. Measure a little above the bottom of the cream fabric on your wolf to the bottom of the loo roll:

I have cut some zig zag lines out, this is where the legs are. If you don’t want to do it like this, just leave it as a solid block colour. Follow the images on where to cut it. Fold the fabric in half to get it equal on both sides. Glue this on to the bottom of your wolf:

Jacket for the Wolf

Now on to making the jacket for the wolf. Trying to get the wolf look like the character from the book, was hard. To make this you will need, brown fabric. Measure around the top of the cream fabric.  You won’t need this to go all the way round, and it needs to look open. Cut the arm holes out. Cut slits at the bottom of the jacket. This will give it that edge look:

Face for the Wolf

On with the face. For this you will need the light grey and red fabric. I tried to get the same look of the wolf peeping through the window. I wanted a more real life looking wolf. Copying the image create a small nose and face like this:

Glue on the nose and add the mouth details. The red fabric you need to cut out a tongue, and glue this on:

Glue the face on to the loo roll and add the wiggly eyes:

You have now completed your wolf. I am really loving how he has turned out. A handsome wolf to blow down the piggies house, haha!!

three little pigs loo roll craft
I hope this craft has inspired you to make your own Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

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  1. Aside form being one of my favorite stories, The Three Little Pigs still makes me and my kids smile. This arts and craft project was so beautifully done. Kudos.

  2. I love this craft! The kids would enjoy the book even more when they can “hold” the characters while the story is being read to them. Great interactive play activity!

  3. Love this projects. Helps kids with hand eye coordination, storytelling (imagination) and recycles so they learn about environmentalism. Plus it just looks like fun!

  4. My two year old daughter loves hearing the story of the three little pigs so much and asks over and over at bedtime. She says in the sweetest little voice, “just one more time mommy.” How can I say no to story time? She would love this craft!

  5. My kids are still a bit young for this type of craft. It is super cute and something I would love to do when they get a bit older.

  6. Wow! I loved the way how you’ve CRAFTED this post, with every minute details and pictures! I wish I could be so talented. I admired the crafting dedication of your little princesses! They both look super creative at this young age!

  7. So cute!! I’d love this book for my kids and they can make these for a fun craft and can do a little show while reading the book!

  8. This is absolutely adorable! What a great craft for the kids! Just like you, I’m loving the way the wolf turned out. He has a such a cute face!

  9. Aww thank you ljdove for the lovely comment. Let me know if you would like to sign up to my crafts newsletter!! I am hoping to do another fairytale character, but other crafts are getting in the way of me thinking of another, haha!!

  10. Thanks Sona, I hope its easy to follow. I am hoping to do a pattern for it very soon to make it easier for people to cut out the pattern pieces!! Let me know if your interested in this?

  11. What an amazing idea! You are super talented, I am useless at crafts although I can follow a craft I can’t come up with my own material! I will try this with the children, they love this story.

  12. What a fun craft for kids! Passing your post along to my daughter. With two little ones to entertain for the summer, I know she’s looking for ideas. Plus, the boys absolutely love the three little pigs. x

  13. Wow! That is such an elaborate guide to craft pigs and really cute ones too! I love the detail and the variety. Very easy to follow.

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