Tissue Paper Art | Easy Kids Craft

Tissue Paper Art | Kids Easy Craft

Tissue Paper Art Craft!

We have tons of tissue paper and we don’t really have any use for it. Tissue Paper Art is a Easy Craft for Kids. The Witches had the idea of using it and sticking it down on to some paper. I thought of the idea of pulling strips of it and sticking it down onto card.

A fun craft for kids to enjoy and get messy with glue!!

I got the Witches doing all the Craft work to show you how to make it. You can actually make some brilliant Art work with the stuff!! The Witches loved using tissue paper for the little chicks. These were fun and creative to make.  This post contains*Affiliated Links!!

Materials needed for this Craft:

This is a really easy craft for kids to do. It will get their little hands working ready for writing!! The monster craft that the Witches did were great for getting little hands working. Glueing on different eyes!!

Tissue Paper Art | Kids Easy Craft

Here we go…..

Start by tearing up tissue paper in different sizes. The Witches loved this!!

Tissue Paper Art | Easy Kids Craft  Tissue Paper Art | Easy Kids Craft

Create enough on what you think will be enough to cover an A4 card sheet:

Next, glue your card all over:


Now its the fun bit. Lay your strips of tissue paper onto the card:

Tissue Paper Art | Easy Kids Craft  

Add more glue onto the tissue paper if needed!

Tissue Paper Art | Easy Kids Craft

Tissue Paper Art | Easy Kids Craft

Keep adding more tissue paper:

Tissue Paper Art | Easy Kids Craft

Finished Art Work!

Tissue Paper Art | Easy Kids Craft  Tissue Paper Art | Easy Kids Craft

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  1. What an inexpensive and imaginative way to keep the kiddies entertained while still pushing the boundaries and igniting their imagination. What lovely pieces of artwork to be seen in the end. Well done!

  2. I have wondered if they were still teaching kids arts n craft these days with the boon in technology. Great to see that such a great subject is still valued

  3. Thats a cool one! It can keep the kids doing something fun and entertaining. When my little cousin come and visit me, i guess this will be our thing 😀

  4. What a pretty craft. I remember doing something similar as a kid and it was always so much fun working with tissue paper. Kids love it x

  5. I like how different both of their final art works are. Did the glue not make the tissue paper colours run?

  6. Oh lord I used to love tissue paper arts and crafts! I’m bookmarking this post for when my baby cousin pops over – she’ll love making this! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

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