Water Play with Bottles | Craft Idea

Water Play Bottles | Craft Idea

Water Play!!

The Witches love playing with water!! A really easy and fun craft water play bottles craft idea!! They really enjoy playing with the water table, filling up bottles and pouring them out again.

We have a great Craft idea!! Painting plastic bottles, hanging them up outside and let the kids pour water into them.

This is a short and easy craft to do. The kids can paint the bottle and the adults will need to cut holes at the top or bottom. This is a fun craft for kids to do!! This post contains*Affiliated Links!!

Water Play Bottles | Craft Idea

Water Play Bottles Craft Idea – Materials

Painting the Bottles

First of all the Witches painted the bottles. We chose 7 bottles to paint and used different colours to decorate our bottles. We got very messy with the paint. The Witches really enjoyed this craft:

Water Play Bottles Craft Idea

Water Play Bottles Craft Idea

You need to cover the bottles in PVA glue. We had to leave the glue to dry overnight.

The next day I cut each bottle. Some bottles I cut the top off, to make it easier to pour in water in. On the bottom of the bottles, cut a few holes for the water to sprinkle from the bottom. Put some tape around the edges, as some of the bottle had a few sharp edges.

On each of the bottles cut holes at the top of each side. This is where the wire will go through.

Add your wire through the bottles and hang them up. Little Witch eager to use them!!

Water Play Bottles | Craft IdeaWe love how the colours have brightened up the garden. If you enjoyed our post please leave us a message!!

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  1. This is a cute craft that would keep the little ones busy for hours. I love that this would help foster their creativity and fine motor skills!

  2. You know… I wish that blogs like yours were around when my kids were growing up. Water and paint are great for outside play and they’ll occupy kids for hours! Great craft!!!

  3. good thing to go about and have this, saves time and resources and at the end of the day the aim is to keep the kids happy and have something to play with and not go overboard.. cool move and i like the DIY…

  4. Love this colourful and imaginative craft idea. This one is perfect for toddlers and I can see that your kids are having a great time experimenting with it. I love it also as its cheap to make just recycling old plastic bottles which is always a good thing.

  5. They sure look like having fun, children love to paint and also play with water. This is a cool idea that mixes two of children’s favorite things to do 👌🏻

  6. This looks like a lot of fun with water bottles. I always love seeing crafty things on here because I love sharing those experiences with my daughter.

  7. What a cute idea, they looked like they were having so much fun. It’s great when we can find activities for kids that get them away from the tv.

  8. As a kid I use to find doing crafty things as the least interesting but now as I grew up I find it all more as a stress reliever… This is a great and easy way😃

  9. I liked this Article, I now have something to engage my little niece in when she stays at my place. She has always played with paints since she was very small.

  10. Superb colors. This is a perfect craft for my niece for her summer break. I am meeting her soon and mark this post to enjoy an afternoon with her. Thanks for sharing!

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