Witch Craft For Halloween

Witch Craft

Halloween Craft

The Witches nagged me to make a witch craft for halloween, not thinking of any ideas on how to make one. Looking at the book; Room On The Broom (UK|US)for ideas, the witches love to read the book. It was tricky deciding what materials to use, and what would be easy for children to make. We used paper plates at first, and that didn’t work for us, but we will have to have ago at this soon, so I had to get my thinking cap on. I really wanted to show the witch having a big nose, and this was my aim.

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Witch Craft

Witch Craft

To make the witch craft we decided to use a TP Roll and a piece from an egg carton box for the main body, and coloured paper for other bits. Some parts of this craft is quite tricky for children and adults may have to take over. The Witch Craft, can be made using recyclable materials in the home. I have used affiliate links in the post if you need help knowing where you can get them from.

Materials needed for the Witch Craft

Lets start the Witch Craft!!

Start by cutting out the long piece from the egg carton box. Cut down one side to open it up and then cut down to size. When you have your size, glue this down.

Using PVA glue, attach the nose to the TP Roll. Leave to dry out before painting. We left ours to dry over night to make sure if was stuck and wouldn’t fall off!! Bend the nose on the end slightly.


Draw a line mark with a pencil, for where you want the head and body to be. Paint the top half in green paint and the bottom part in purple paint.

Green First

Purple paint next!

Witch Hat

Find a circular object to draw around so it is big enough to cover the TP roll. You need to cut out 2 circles using black paper.

On one of the circles cut down the middle, and stop in the centre!!

Pull the sides in on the cut circular to make a cone shape. Any excess paper can be cut off. You can glue the cone on first to the other circular, or leave it until you have glued on the base first.

We glued on the base first:

The cone was glued on:

Face and Body

Add the wiggly eyes onto the witch and draw on a mouth too!!

Measure around the bottom half of the body using the black paper. Once you have your measurement, cut the ends so they are slanted. This will open up the cloak and you can see the purple underneath. Apply a small amount of PVA glue on the edge and attach this to your TP roll.


We made the witch at first without hair, and thought she looked a bit funny. The hair can be added before you attach the hat. As we had already glued on the hat, we had to improvise and do our best with the hair.

With a ruler, measure 6cm in length. Cut this and wrap around the witch head for the size, and cut off the excess.

Next cut slits to the top, leaving room to glue. Glue this around the witches head, and cut off the strips covering the eyes. The other strips can be curled using the end of a thin pencil or paint brush.

Finished Witch Craft

Witch Craft

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Amazing what you can make using a TP Roll!! Come on guys, we would love to see how your witch craft turns out. Please email: rachel@witchestellthestory.com and we will share your crafts on our website.

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