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Gruffalo Bookmark!

We have created a Gruffalo Bookmark How To, a great character for children to have in their books!! At Nursery this term, the Witch has had the chance to learn about the Gruffalo. She really enjoys the book, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. She can read the book back to you in her own words.  As the topic at Nursery is the Gruffalo, we decided to make a Gruffalo Bookmark!! We love creating bookmarks, they are so great for children book. The Witches love having the Poppy Bookmark for their books!! This post contains *Affiliate Links!!

Materials Needed:


You need to make the bookmark first. Starting with the brown paper. If its A4 in size,  you will need to fold it across to make a triangle. Cut off the side strip to make a square:

Fold your square back to its triangle. Take one side of the triangle and fold it to meets the top of the triangle. Do the same to the other side. Bring your sides back down. Fold down the top of the triangle to meet the bottom of the triangle. The sides you originally folded up, you need to fold back up and tuck it inside. If you can not follow the pictures, you can watch my YouTube video, showing you how to make it.




With the orange paper, you need to cut out 2 circles and detail the eyes with a black marker. Glue the eyes on, make sure your bookmark is facing backwards. Glue the eyes to the side. Draw on a nose, eyebrows and a line for the mouth:

Using white and green paper you will need this for the teeth and wart on his nose. On the white paper, draw a mouth like the one you have drawn for your Gruffalo. On the line of the white paper draw out your teeth, and go around them using a black marker. Cut these teeth out and glue them onto your Gruffalo. Do the same with the green paper. Draw a wart, go round with a black marker. Cut out and glue onto the nose:


For the ears and spikes you need brown and white paper. You need to draw out two ears on the brown paper, going round them with a black marker. Colour the inside of the ears with an orange crayon. Draw a tab on each of the ears. Glue them onto the back of the bookmark:


Next on the white paper. You need to draw out 2 large spikes to go on top of the gruffalo’s head. Draw tabs at the bottom so you can glue them onto the back:



For the purple spikes, draw a line where you want the spikes to go down the sides on white/purple paper. Draw you spikes and a tab too. I didn’t have purple paper so I coloured my spikes with a purple felt tip:

Finished Gruffalo Bookmark

Gruffalo Bookmark  Gruffalo Bookmark  


I hope you liked how I made the Gruffalo Bookmark. Please give me feed back and let me know if you would like to see another bookmark!!

You can also watch a video on how to make the Gruffalo Bookmark!

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  1. That’s such a cute idea! I love how simple it is but it is so unique. My kids would love it.

  2. This is awesome and such a clever idea! We are avid readers but this is a cute bookmark idea, and who doesn’t love the Gruffalo!

  3. My kids love the Gruffalo! This is suck a cute craft, we will definitely have to do it. Having extra bookmarks around is always helpful.

  4. This is cute and easy to do! But this will only be my inspiration, and perhaps my guide, I could some girly-pinky bookmarks but with same style.

  5. My kids love to have art time and I know they’ll love this too. Perfect way to convince them to read books!

  6. I love this bookmark! It is adorable and I really want to make one for my niece who hates reading but who we are trying in vain to get to enjoy it LOL

  7. How fun! We love the book, so we will have to try making this soon! I know my daughter would love it!

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